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With Mike's background in construction/real estate and Becki's marketing experience in the physical therapy world, the two joined forces to create the ultimate team, both in real estate and in their family life.

Mike and Becki merged their households in 2011, bringing together three daughters and a son. Their house lives and breathes real estate daily, and their conversations over breakfast can quickly turn into real estate strategy sessions.

As a family-centered real estate team, Mike and Becki focus on providing an exceptional experience for their clients, from new buyers purchasing their first home to experienced buyers and sellers who've "been around the block". Their wide range of expertise means that separately, they're great Realtors, but together, they're UNPARALLELED.

Outside of their careers in real estate, Mike and Becki are also dedicated to the success of the communities they serve. Mike, being an 8 year Army Veteran, volunteers at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis weekly and Becki volunteers with the N.E.W. Lions Club regularly.

Whether you're looking to buy, sell or invest - Mike and Becki are dedicated to your success and are ready to add you to the real estate family!

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